Over time newly applied asphalt surfaces begin to wear and break down as they are repeatedly exposed to everyday elements such as sunlight, water and chemicals.

The liquid asphalt that binds the aggregate materials in asphalt pavement begins to lose its natural resistance to water. Once the water begins to penetrate beneath the surface, the pavement can quickly fall prey to a number of different types of deterioration, including cracks and potholes.

The Alpha Asphalt team can quickly isolate these problems and make the repairs necessary to stabilize and extend the life of your pavement. If your asphalt pavement requires patchwork due to extensive damage and pot holes, Boyd Asphalt,Inc. has the equipment and experience to perform skin patches, full depth patches or complete reconstruction of large areas.

Putting Off Asphalt Repairs Can Be Costly

It’s far better to take care of these small issues before they grow into much larger ones. By waiting to fix cracks and potholes that appear in asphalt, water can penetrate into the base, causing it to erode and eventually lead to complete failure. A re-paving job will cost thousands, and be necessary years before you thought it would.

Boyd Asphalt,Inc. can fix minor asphalt issues immediately and avoid a large payout tomorrow. In addition, every crack and pothole presents a safety issue. If a pedestrian trips and falls on a section of buckled asphalt, you could be on the wrong end of a trip and fall lawsuit, paying out compensation that you had never anticipated.

Likewise, potholes can cause damage to vehicles in your lot, which could also result in you being held liable.

Boyd Asphalt,Inc. can repair all types of pavement defects, keeping water out of your pavement structure and extending the life of your pavement. Keep your asphalt smooth and problem-free by contacting us for all of your asphalt repair needs.

Call Boyd Asphalt,Inc. the first name in asphalt repair in NW Indiana. Boyd Asphalt,Inc. prides itself on being your asphalt repair specialists.